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Improving lubrication can bring your reliability and maintenance goals within reach — ask us how.

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The Average Lubrication Program Creates $500,000 Per Year in Unnecessary Costs.

The average lubrication program leads to higher maintenance costs, decreased reliability and unplanned downtime. You can solve these issues, but you need a plan to get it done.

An Ascend Assessment gives you a customized road map for quick wins and long-term success in lubrication, and Noria experts will support you every step of the way.

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Lubrication Program Development

Whether you are starting from zero or improving an existing lubrication program, Noria experts can help you take lubrication to the next level at your worksite or plant.

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Failure Analysis Services

Lubricants contain a wealth of information about the health of our machines. When failure occurs, finding the root of the problem can save time, money and headaches down the road. Noria can help.

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Other Noria Services

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Procedure Development

Detailed lubrication procedures are critical for improving machine reliability or lowering maintenance costs. Procedures that are built with best practices and a proactive mindset can help eliminate root causes of failure.

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Lubrication Storage Design

Protecting your lubricants and machines from the effects of contamination and lubricant degradation begins with in-plant storage. Noria can help you design a system to ensure the correct, clean and dry lubricant is properly delivered every time.

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Filter Testing Services (FTS)

Your filters store vast amounts of useful information about your machines. Noria can test used filters to assist in RCA and identify impending machine failure. We can also test new filters to ensure proper performance or aid in supplier selection.

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What Customers Are Saying

“With our oil analysis, we were able to determine the failure mode before it happened. A repair was around $15,000 for one boiler feed pump. Through oil sampling, which cost around $35 per sample, we were able to achieve a huge savings.” William Miller, Senior Engineering Technician at Clifty Creek Generating Station
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