Lubrication Procedure Development

Better procedures create better results.

Detailed lubrication procedures are critical if you want to improve machine reliability or lower maintenance costs. Procedures that are built with best practices and a proactive maintenance mindset can help eliminate root causes of failure.

Procedures also retain valuable knowledge collected from employees, vendors and consultants.

The Dangers of "Average" Procedures

Without detailed, standardized procedures, each person who performs a lubrication task may do it differently, making it difficult to track whether lubrication actions are improving reliability.

It is common for lubrication procedures to be very minimal. They may simply say, "grease this bearing" without providing information about the type of grease needed, the right amount of grease or the correct method for adding the grease.

By surveying all your lubricated assets as part of the Engineering Design phase of our Lubrication Program Development process, Noria experts will build detailed procedures that seek to eliminate the common root causes of machine failure and create consistent best practices.

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