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Ascend Assessment

What is an Ascendâ„¢ Assessment?

A strong lubrication program can significantly lower costs and improve machine reliability, but how do you build a lube program that delivers business value? How long will it take to get results? And where do you even start? 

An Ascend Assessment answers these questions and many more. The assessment provides a customized roadmap for quick wins and long-term success, along with training, KPIs and a detailed report to help you cost-justify lubrication improvements.

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Ascend Assessment Deliverables

A 524 point on-site assesment. A Noria expert spends a full day assessing your current lubrication practices. The assessment serves as a baseline to measure program improvements.

A financial cost justification which details an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and a five-year Net Present Value (NPV) for program improvements.

Online Lubrication Awareness Training to help get everyone on the same page with best practices and the importance of contamination control.

A formal presentation and report to plant leadership and management that includes assessment data, SWOT analysis, metrics and KPI recommendations and more.

A prioritized roadmap of improvement recommendations, accessible any time via a cloud-based lubrication program manager called LubePM.

An Engineering Design Proposal for optimizing lubrication activities at each oil and grease lubricated component in your plant. 

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Unsure About Your Program?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Ascend?

Recommendations are built on Noria's Ascend methodology, which aligns with the requirements of the ISO 55001 and ICML 55.1 as well. Unlike most lubrication assessments, Noria's Ascend Assessment is comprehensive, evaluating lubricant, hardware, training and procedures. We'll then use the collected data to assist you in establishing next steps. 

How long does the process take?

The Ascend Assessment process takes three days. A Noria lubrication expert will visit your site to collect program information. On day three, you will receive your full assessment and report along with access to lubrication training.

Do I really need an assessment?

You may already know that your lube program needs improving, so it might seem that an assessment isn't worth your time.

In fact, the Ascend Assessment is more than a simple program scoring system. It tells you exactly which changes to make first so you have a prioritized roadmap for improvements designed to deliver quick wins and long-term results.

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